Industry Electrical / Electronics
Materiali Stanyl TW341 - PA46
Processing Technology Injection moulding
Description These connectors, previously made from PA66, have to withstand the demand of vapor phase and other soldering techniques. With nylon 66, rejects were an issue due to the limited post-molding toughness of nylon 66, and its temperature resistance is not capable of dealing with modern soldering techniques. Switching to Stanyl with its HDT of 285°C, improved the connectors' thermal and mechanical performance and expanded their commercial viability. Because of its higly crystalline structure compared to the previously used materials, Stanyl provides outstanding dimensional stability. This property allows significant manufactuing economies through the elimination of post-moisturization, while improving latch integruty and pin retention strenght. Stanyl utilized existing 66 nylon molds because of its similar shrinkage characteristics.