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Materiali Arnitel EL740 - TPC
Processing Technology 2K Injection moulding

Arnitel gives an excellent grip for life, no slipping guaranteed. It's important that handles of tools appeal to users by offering a soft feel, an enhanced grip and functionality. Since many of these tools are used in electrical applications, they also need excellent di-electric properties. Some of the tools are also used in corrosive chemical (oil and grease) environments. Because of excellent grip and soft touch, the grades used in this application are Arnitel EL630, EL740, EM460, PL381, PM460 and PL581.

Moreover Arnitel shows excellent adhesion on policarbonate, ABS, PVC, polystyrene based materials, polyester based materials and other Arnitel grades.

Arnitel has low viscosity grades with excellent flow behaviour for 2K-moulding and excellent di-electrical properties and chemical resitance.

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